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You must first select a fabric canvas and a photo to transfer...


Image Transfer

I first apply on the image some coats of matte gel medium with a brush, crossing the coats several times .. (This is not the image of the canvas painting ... I've forgotten to take the picture!)

Mixed Media 1


I return the picture and I smooth to drive out the air bubbles...
(You can help with the back of a spoon).

Mixed Media 2


Waiting ... least 1 hour but the best is to prepare his transfer the day before.


I'm beginning to peel my image after passing through with a foam brush (or finger) some water over the whole image ...

Mixed Media 3

Once the first layer of paper removed ... you gotta go very very slowly ... not put too much water and peel turning with a finger .

Mixed Media 4

Here look at the difference between peeled and unpeeled image :

Mixed media 5


Paint and Wax

Collage of various papers with the gel medium and stamps applied with indelible ink, it is very important for the future...

Mixed Media 6

Following, on this canvas, I've painted with watercolors, but we can apply acrylic paints, diluted or not ...

Mixed Media 7

I melt the beeswax in the microwave ... attention it is very flammable!! I applied it with a brush on the canvas ...

Mixed media 8

The fabric seems very yellow ... then you have to heat again with a hot-gun several times ... so that the wax must flood into the canvas ...

I heat for the last time with the hot-gun and apply a stamp previously passed with some fat to keep it from sticking the wax to the stamp ... we set the stamp in the liquid wax and is removed when the wax is hardened.

Mixed media 10

For finishes we spread "pearls perfect" with fingers or a brush on the stamp imprints and that's the result:

Mixed media 11

Your turn ! ... I look forward to your achievements.

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