The step-by-step tutorial!


Andy WARHOL.... Awesome painter!


Andy Warhol is an American artist, a central figure in Pop Art, of which he is one of the pioneers.

He is known throughout the world for his work as a painter (photo montage of many actors), as a music producer, as an author, as well as for his avant-garde films and for his links with intellectual circles...

Although Andy Warhol has been the subject of countless retrospective exhibitions, books, and films since his death in 1987, his work has been the subject of much controversy.

He is widely recognized as one of the most influential modern artists of the 20th century. 

It was around 1960 that he began his silkscreen prints inspired by American actors: one of his most famous photo montages is undoubtedly the poster made from the photo of Marylin Monroe....

He will do it again with the MaoTseToung series in 1972...


Photo Andy Warhol Marylin


But the purpose of this page is not to write a biography of Andy Warhol... But to try to imitate his work... So let's make way for POP ART... and our national star who will have the very unintentional honour of posing for us here! So here's how to make a fake Warhol (which will not fool the experts!!!!!)


Imitate Warhol with the very beautiful BARDOT....

So you will be working with a photo of Brigitte Bardot (taken at the beginning of her acting career... that is, some time ago! We love you Brigitte!).

You might as well use photos with a good resolution: here 1024x1435. You can download it by clicking on the link above.


In Photoshop, open this photo.


The Photoshop TRESHOLD command

Duplicate the layer

Double-click on its layer and rename it layer 0.

The first job will be to use the threshold command to obtain a black and white image ready to be colored: You will find it in Image > Settings > Threshold.


Depending on the picture, you have to act more or less on the cursor in order to obtain the result you want, i.e. a black and white image without nuances... When the image suits you, validate.


Areas of the image....


We will create 4 distinct zones on this image to which we will assign appropriate colors....

the bottom. Go to the Black and White image. With the quick selection tool, you select the background of the image (which is in black).

Delete this background by pressing the Delete key.

Then create a new layer while keeping the selection and, in this new layer, fill it with the color you want to give to the background.



The Hair. Go back to the black and white layer. Still with the quick selection tool, select the white parts of the hair.
Following the same sequence as above, remove this white and, by placing yourself in the color layer, pour yellow with the paint can.

The dress... Do the same! Don't forget to remove the selection of the black and white layer and fill in the color layer.

The skin. This is the last phase. With the magic wand this time, select the remaining white parts.
Remove them and fill them with the "flesh" color you want

Here are your layers at the end of the operations....

And your final image should look like this....



Assembly and colour variations

Select your entire image Selection > Select All and copy this selection with the Edit > Copy with Merge command

Create a new image by File > New and paste your copy into it by Ctrl+V.

Now take the cropping tool from the handles that appear around the image. Pull these handles to enlarge the image widely by creating empty areas around the first image. Now perform 3 times Ctrl+V to get 3 new copies in 3 different layers. With the help of the movement tool, place these images next to each other. Finally, with the cropping tool, crop the image so that there are no margins left.

Variations in colours.

For the moment the 4 images are identical.... We will very simply vary the colors from one image to another.

To do this, click in one of the 4 images to select it and then make the Image > Settings > Hue and Saturation

Only change the Hue slider by observing what is happening....

Switch to another image for another color adjustment! And finish with the fourth!

You have your Warhol imitation of our national star!



If you are a beginner, and the explanations didn't seem enough, check out this second tutorial, slightly different, but explained step by step: you will find it here!


Order your fake Warhol

You would like to offer an imitation of Warhol... but you have trouble using Photoshop!

Indulge yourself anyway and order your fake Warhol.... You can have it printed on canvas, in 40x30 or larger format and I will tell you where to find such a print for less than $10...


Just send me a good picture of the face of the person you want to "Warholize". I will work it for you and send you back a jpeg file of the result very quickly.

I'll charge you $25 for this work!

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