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POPISM, Warhol sixties...


POPism is Warhol’s personal view of the Pop phenomenon in New York in the 1960s and a look back at the relationships that made up the scene at the Factory, including his rela­tionship with Edie Sedgewick, focus of the upcoming film Factory Girl.

 In the detached, back-fence gossip style he was famous for, Warhol tells all—the ultimate inside story of a decade of cultural revolution.


WARHOL, portraits.

Warhol, portraits

 Titled "Andy Warhol: Portraits of the 1970s," the Whitney exhibition presented for the first time a large array of the commissioned portraits that the artist began in the early 1970s as a way to offset the cost of multiplying activities at the Factory.

Shafrazi's exhibition included many of the portraits shown in the original Whitney exhibition as well as others.

This volume takes Shafrazi's exhibition even further, nearly doubling the number of works shown...


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Bob Marley by Warhol


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Andy Warhol ... A brilliant painter !

Photo Andy Warhol profileAndy Warhol was an American artist, the central figure of the Pop Art , of which he is one of the pioneers.

He is well known worldwide for his work as a painter, music producer, author, through his avant-garde films, and his links with intellectuals ...

While Warhol was the subject of countless retrospective exhibitions, books and films since his death in 1987, his work has been controversial.

He is generally recognized as one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. 

It was around 1960 that he will start his serigraphs, the Andy Warhol portraits, inspired by American actors: one of his most famous photo montages is undoubtedly the poster made from the photo of Marilyn Monroe ... He start again in 1972 with the series of Mao Zedong ...


Photo Andy Warhol Marilyn


But about this page is not writing a biography of Andy Warhol... But to try to imitate Andy Warhol art... Then come on to POP ART ... and George Clooney will be honored here to pose for us ! Thank you George... we recycle !!!

Working on the George Clooney's photo...

You will be working with a picture of George Clooney  just taken before he received a piano on his head (In France, George -with John Malkowitch- is the hero of a TV-Ad where a piano falls from sky on him).

It's better to use pictures with good resolution: 800x918 here.

Launch Photoshop, then open the picture.

Double-click on its the layer and rename it Layer 0.

The first task will be to cut out the George's head ... with the pen tool :


Warhol UTU pen tool


If this tool makes you afraid... Just spend 5 minutes on this small tutorial how to cut out a photo ... the method described is too simple and not difficult and you'll never forget it !

So select the George's silhouette... Then Ctrl + i to invert selection and delete to leave only the silhouette image and remove the background.


Silhouette clipping George Clooney    


 Clipping sihouette George Clooney

If you are totally resistant to the Photoshop pen tool... you can always take the eraser tool and erase carefully the background of the photo ...

Deselect the outline (Ctrl + D or Select> Deselect).

Apply now the sequence : Image> Adjustments> Threshold.Choose a slider setting for a detailed image but not too dark (here, I took 122) .

Then use the cut out filter by doing : Filter> Artistic> Cut out. This will effectively "clean up" the picture of small parasites traces... You can also clean parts with the "eraser" if you prefer.


Warhol Clooney threshold  


Warhol Clooney cutting


It's the end of the first part: save your file as a .psd file... You never know!

Colorization of the image ...

Create 2 new layers and name them color and background color. Place thembelow the layer 0.

Also, switch the layer 0 to multiply mode ...


New layers Warhol Clooney


Click on the Color layer to select it, choose a beautiful rose ... much fleshy and with the brush tool, color the face of the beautiful George ... Try not to spill!

Similarly, you will choose a beautiful yellow ... and, while remaining within the layer color, color hair ... at least the parts that are not already black.

In the portrait of Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, had insisted on the eyelids and the mouth of Marilyn : George Clooney, you highlight his key asset : his eyes !

Here I've worked on Layer0 (temporarily disabling calques1 and 2).


Warhol portraits Eye George Clooney

For we can not forget them, redraw with a fine brush, in broken white, the cornea. Paint iris with different shades of blue and do not forget to put some flashes of light in the eyes with pure white!

When you're satisfied, you can merge all layers (by Ctrl + E or Layers> Merge). In the Layers window, you only have only one layer with a transparent background.

Create a new layer and drag it below the layer 1.




Select this new layer and with the paint buck, give it a beautiful orange color ... You get the first of four portraits you need...


Clooney was Andy Warhol


Save this first image as a .jpg file by running File> Save As ... or Shift + Ctrl + S.

Return to your image, remove the layer 2, create a new one that you fill with blue ... back ... And repeat the process twice more to finally have 4 pictures with different backgrounds.

Andy Warhol photo montage ...

Each pic is 800x918 pixels ... you want to mount 4 arts! So create a new image measuring 1600x1836 px so as to place them.

Open the 4 images.

And with the Move tool, drag each of successively different portraits of George on the new image ... Spread them so they are well juxtaposed ...

Save your work ... You're done


Warhol Clooney Final Result

In a new page will appear shortly, I'll teach you how to use these images by transferring them onto a painter canvas... for display at your convenience!


How to do otherwise
a Warhol-like collage ?

You're not a fan of George Clooney ... You prefer Britney Spears ? Me too ... So here's a warhol like tutorial a little different...


Britney Spears warhol photocollage