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Family Heritage

Creating Keepsakes


Devoted to weddings and births, childhood and grandparenting, there are more than 575 creative page designs and practical tips to guide first-time or longtime scrappers alike...

A must !

Creating your family
heritage scrapbook

Maria Neius and Bill Gardner

Family heritage

What makes this book so special is that for the first time, family genealogy research and family heritage scrapbooking have been combined to give you the best resource for documenting your family history. Easy to read, easy to follow and easy to apply, so you can (yes!) spend your time creating your family heritage scrapbook.

Vintage Collage
for Scrapbooking

Jill Haglung

Vinatge collage

This is a wonderful book giving ideas to use vintage photographs in scrapbook page layouts. There are step-by- step photos and a detailed instructions/materials list for many projects- such as for coffee-dying paper and fabrics...


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How long have you practise Scrapbooking ? 

I scrap since September 2008, as I return home from vacation, I wanted to higlight my photos and not just to put them in a plastic cover album : so I looked on the net because I had vaguely heard of without knowing what was Scrapbooking  and I soon found ideas!

 In fact, without knowing I had already practiced Scrap several years ago because I crafted my own wedding Invitations and Birth. I kept my two unique pads and my inks. I remember my gold dust embossed stamp ! Like what, I had hit without knowing that it was scrap.

What do you like to do with scrapbooking?   

I always compare a bit of a designer who tries to find the papers most suitable to the picture (a page) and add the right embellishments, so that everything is smooth... I love making cards that I send to my Copinettes or to my family. The cards are quickly made and are always fun, a page takes more time and thought.

What are your favorite colors?   

I am very "girly" and I like the old roses tones in powder pink fuchsia and purple / violet but in fact all the colors are beautiful in scrap if they are harmoniously combined.  

What brings scrap to you ?

A large appreciation of the work and the satisfaction of achieving something with my 10 fingers! I never do not consider myself as a "manual" or "artist in the soul" girl because I've never been good at drawing, thanks to the scrap I found my "artistic" way and I have a hobby 

Before, nothing interested me a long time. But what brings me the scrap is friendship! Virtual friendship, yes, but great friendships that are sincere and strongand enjoy me! Sometimes these friendships materialize and I had the pleasure of meeting my DK at Christmas, I love that ! I hope to meet other in real life at "Version Scrap" in Paris.

 The scrap is also for me a very effective "de-stressing" and it helps to create a vacuum and think of something else that day. I forget everything when I colorize my pads for example ! I go back to childhood and it feels good! lol





The step by step: make a vintage tag !

First, choose your Vintage image (you can find it on the Net. Look at HERE or THERE), and prepare one or two Bazzill matching papers, slightly larger and use the Edge distresser blade or scissors to "damage" the edges.

Ink paper and image edges with Distress Ink and a piece of Cut'N dry. Mat your image (mounting papers below the image)

Prepare your papers and the Bazzill to use as a background for your tag, cut corners and make a hole in the top

I chose "Chanteuse collection" Kaiserkraft papers...

Punch the butterflies in paper you choiced and ink selected papers

Glue the paper and make one eyelet as follows:


With a puncher, make a small round you punch again (smaller puncher) and ink the edges...


Prepare and place your embellishments as you like (Try-test before gluing)


Stick all your embellishments and your tag is finished!