Main au collet lichtenstein imitationYour photo turned into a comic book case: English people love this "photo to Lichtenstein" in the style of ROY LICHTENSTEIN.

Moitié photo moitié dessin It's very popular these days.... To offer or to keep: Order an unfinished portrait...

Bouton Portrait A birthday, a retirement, a surprise to surprise someone you want to surprise... DIY or Order a Faux-People or other people magazine...

With your Android or IOS laptop, load an application from the play-store and turn a photo into a comic strip.


Bouton Chevalt Do you have small paintings to display at home? Then you can easily build this mini easel !

Everything you've always wanted to know about framing.... It is HERE

You hesitate to place your frames on the stairs... Here is an easy to use installation technique!


To make your own frames, you will need some equipment... See this page.... Also consult the LOGAN and MAPED tools


Bouton-collage-decoupage Find out how to create your scrapbooking travel journal.

Create your own first comic strip, simply using a free PlayStore application: COMICA! And put it into your scrapbooking pages.

Fold a page in A4 format... to obtain a mini-album of 8 pages. Make this mini 8-page photo album....

For your scrapbooking pages, use your images to make artist stamps! But be careful, don't try to fool the postal service!

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