TON OF FREEBIES... to use in digital scrapbooking or better, to print to use in your scrapbook pages...

In digital scrapbooking, as in traditional scrapbooking, you must match the papers to the photos you want to put in stage ... Once you've sorted them raises the problem of the papers choice.

There are many coordinated kits to download for a few euros from all online shops ... but it's better for your purchasing power finding them for free!

So run a search on Google or your favorite search engine on the theme: "Paper freebies" or "free scrapbooking papers. you will find everything you want.

But some small sites or blogs, not always properly referenced, contain small wonders : we have unearthed some for you ! Enjoy it !

And remember that these freebies can be used in traditional scrapbooking.


What to do with freebies ?

The freebies are first of all used for digital scrapbooking... No need for bulky supplies, disparate embellishments or expensive equipment... Everything happens in the computer, you create your page on which you place your "paper" backgrounds and photos.

It is one of the best ways to discover scapbooking without great expense...

Once your pages are finished, you have the choice to print them: you can do it yourself on your own printer... But more and more, we "print complete albums" ... with a theme : Summer Vacations, Christmas vacations...


The largest choice: PINTEREST

Pinterest is the first place to look for scrapbooking freebies... Why bother searching when others have already done the job for you !! Here are a few leads among dozens...


This site offers you high quality free kits...with really studied assortment...


Cassiopeia's blog: PURE SCRAP

Cassiopeia works in Belgium in the field of architecture. She "design" a large variety of kits available on her blog and her new site

cass1   cass2
FruityKit                           Simply Everything Kit


To find them, see here and here

the publiscrap blog and its forum

It's the whole blog publiscrap team, from Clean & Simple inspiration, which offers an "avalanche of freebies" under the form of complete kits.

PubliModo1  PubliModo2
Kit Happy New Year             Merry Christmas Kit


You can download the latest kit freebies (and older) on the blog publiscrap .

Among the designers, let's quote : Angel, Clara, Helaine, Loulou, Penelope, Valilou and ZadFlower ... you can find all those who have not been mentioned by rushing you to

Don't forget to register on the forum publiscrap !

Cajoline's Scrap & tubes

The Cajoline's site ... a site that feels good cut flowers and fresh grass!

And an impressive number of papers freebies, Photoshop tubes, old pictures ...

Cajoline1  Cajoline2


Many of freshness and sensitivity ... on


The FRAN's blog : Imagine by Fran

Fran lives her passions fully : nature, gardening, photography and scrapbooking. She creates very soft kits , with a lot of transparencies : a beautiful work.

fran1  fran2
Pretty Girl Kit                        Oprys Kit

fran3  fran4
Landscape Kit                        One Day Kit

Fran offers you the papers ... but also all the little "attachments", the elements that perfectly match with them! Feel free to search on her site: Imagine By Fran


Shaui lives and resides in Dubai, Emirates ... Industrial designer by day and scrap-addict by night! It gives us pretty good freebies!

fei1  fei2
Circus Kit                     Queen of Quirk Kit

fei3  fei4
Mints and Taros Kit             Crumpled Kit

On Fei-Fei's stuff, you find these freebies for download by clicking freebies in the Label menu, just below the "creative team".

The Canadian site Creating scrapbook

How could I forget to mention this very nice and very rich Canadian site Creation scrapbook.

It's like a game : every month, a palette of colors and themes are suggested to members who then have the opportunity to create a set of papers and elements for the enjoyment of other members. All this freebie naturally.

manon  jungle

And we must also mention the incredible wealth of resources in Clean & Simple style : the tutorials, sketches, components, inspiratio nsources... Certainly, our Canadians cousins have much talent!

The Timounette's blog

On the "scrap-follies de Timounette, you can directly access the freebies archives by following this link.

Timounette1 freebies  

Many pastel shades ... and tonics colors. A real talent that will surprise you!

The Gavotte and Renee's blog :
Scrap for 4 hands

Two "NetFriends" create perfectly coordinated kits and themes: one lives in Britain, the other in Biscay ... Miracle of the Internet: they create together!

gav3   gav1
Mediterrannée kit: Earth Flea Kit


gav2   gav4
kit Mediterranean: Sea Kit Happy Days

These two digi-scrapbookers work with PhotoFiltre and have even concocted for the beginners well documented tutorials . Visit their blog: DigiScrap à 4 MAINS for freebies and complete quality kits ...

The NicNic's blog : NBK

This blog is so rich! Many freebies kits and free downloads. Beware, each download is protected by a password usually placed just above the picture of the kit to download (password =...). Rate it, it can still be used!

nbk1   nbk2
LacePapers Kit Papers PinkKit


nbk3   nbk4
Vintage Rose Kit Kit

On the NBK - NicNic,blog you will find all the freebies in the "labels" menu on the right just below "Contact Me". Bravo NicNic and thank you!


Kathi B is digital scrapbooker and designer. She loves to design pages and elements and share all her work on her beautiful site : AllThingsDigiScrap

You have to visit her freebies... like :

Happy birthday Snow moon
Happy BirthDay Kit           SnowMoon kit

Also you can find others kits from others designers... a very rich gold mine !


Picture Yourself
Creating Digital Scrapbooks

Lori J. Davis, Sally Beacham

You want to learn how to incorporate digital photography and printing techniques into your hobby ? Here is "THE" Book !

Digital scrapbooking

Customers Reviews : ...Very helpful! ... Worth it for the kits alonw... Wonderful Book for Digital Scrapbookers...

Let's Start
Scrapbooking for Baby

Better Homes & Gardens

Baby scrapbooking
(Click to enlarge)

My opinion : a very best one !


Scrapbook Pages
Starring Your Baby

Memory Makers

Starring baby scrapbook
(Click to enlarge)

Perfect to begin your baby's scrapbook !