The best cartoonization app around!


A few years ago, the applications that allowed you to cartoonize your photos were rather rudimentary, and their results were hardly satisfactory...

Today, developers have created "miracle" applications that let you transform photos into cartoon-like drawings!

Toon-Art is the latest application from #LyrebirdStudios, available as AndroId and IOS apps and enhanced by lots of artificial intelligence, with mostly impeccable results (with a few rare exceptions...).


Process start up

You've got a photo to transform... Start by going to your application store and downloading ToonART from LyreBirdsStudio . You'll then have a working demo version, albeit cluttered with sometimes annoying ads... But it's good enough to try out!

Once you've installed the application, all you have to do is launch it ... and enjoy...

And if you need to use it often, for a small fee you can get the PRO application without those annoying ads!


Processing photos

Start by launching the application on your tablet or phone... You'll arrive at the first screen, which asks you to choose your type of cartoonization!

I'm a big fan of the full PHOTO comic book effect... which deals with a complete image, the others being more specialized in portraits.

So I clicked on the corresponding drawing:

All that's left is to launch the cartoonizer photo... here the pretty AnglinaPetrova will be transformed into a quality cartoon!

It only takes a few seconds to get the first result! You'll then have several options for giving your work a general tone and colored background: I quite like these shades of red and blue, which harmonize quite well with the subject. It's all a matter of personal taste!

There's no shortage of options for finding the one that's right for you!



And what about landscapes ?

Tests carried out on landscapes are just as conclusive... The images are well simplified, as shown in this nocturne of a NewYork street!

And after several treatments... all different, we get streets that are "almost hand-drawn"!

All that's left to do is choose and move on to the final stage assembly!

To find out more...

You've got everything you need to make "montages" and get an inexpensive comic book based on your photos: it's just a question of imagination!

With a processed photo of the city and one of a character, you can create a comic strip, which you can work on with a little Photoshop for the editing and ComicLife for the images...


Start by grouping the elements of the cartoon box you want to group together...

On the photo of the town, place and resize the character... Move it if necessary.

Then set up the dialogue bubbles and comments. You can build your speech bubbles manually with Photoshop, or use a specialized program like ComicLife.

And your comic strip is ready!

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy this ToonArt application as much as I do... I often use it to illustrate articles for which the manual drawing box would be too long and expensive...

I even know someone who uses it to create comic strips... of course, you need an additional program to draw and fill in the bubbles (Comic Life does the trick nicely)!