It is not always easy to cut mats and bevels freehand.

As for example in this multi-3 views!: Cutting the 3 windows is a precise operation that can only be done with good tools!

This is the case of the LOGAN cutting rulers!

At the beginning, we hesitate to equip ourselves with cutting tools... we "manage" as we can with a bent cutter and a metal ruler!

But very quickly the question arises of working with precision, a little more comfortably, and being able to count on reliable and durable tools.

This page is intended to show you the possibilities offered by LOGAN tools, tools that can be found at the amateur framer as well as at the professional framer.


The LOGAN company

Logan Graphic is a Logan Logo family business located in Chicago (USA) which has been manufacturing tools for the framer for more than 35 years. Numerous patents, devices and options have been registered over the years, proof of their experience in the field of framing and the vitality of the company and the quality of the products they produce.

An interesting feature is the scalability of their equipment: if you start with entry-level Logan tools, you can always mount these same tools on more elaborate systems later on. Interesting for those who keep their tools during a long time!

The LOGAN range of tools


It is very vast since it is aimed at amateurs as well as professionals.

And, because of the seriousness of American manufacturing, the quality of the entry-level or top-of-the-range equipment is the same: everything that differentiates professional tools from amateur tools is usually only a question of size!

The cutting rulers (from the Logan Team System at 60$ to the C850 real Rolls of the mat cutting).


The wood framing tools (framing saws, 45° angle sander, staplers, framing assembly presses)...

Tools for assembling framesand in particular the tools used to install these special staples called V-NAILS, which are used to secure the bars of a frame .

And all the other tools like for example their ingenious oval passe-partout cutter (described on another page)... while passing by the various supplies of passe-partouts and framing cardboard.


The LOGAN cutting rulers

Just to have an idea of the extent of the LOGAN material for framers you can click on this link...

LOGAN team System.

This is LOGAN's entry-level product; which does not mean that the quality is not there... Quite the contrary!

For less 50$, you have here a complete system to cut your passe partout: a 45° tool for the English bevels sliding on the ruler and a straight tool (unfortunately which does not slide on the ruler...).

The ruler is particularly rigid and does not slide on the paper.

Here is a small video dedicated to the TeamSystem LOGAN: you will be able to see the terrible efficiency of this equipment!

Remember that the position of the knife at 45° of the LOGAN tools, different from that of the MAPED products, obliges you to work on the reverse side of the mat by putting the ruler outside the opening to be created.

You can buy such a ruler on the internet in all stores similar to AMAZON: Walmart, Ebay... and others.

Here is the link for AMAZON for $44 that I prefer for their fast shipping and especially their great money back guarantee! (walmart for $105 )


Logan 350-1 Compact Coupe Mat Elite

There, we clearly change category, to enter a range "confirmed amateur". It's a pleasure to use this cutting rule as the smallest details have been studied to make your life easier.

It is THE best-selling mat and bevel cutting system in the world! And this is not by chance! The ease of use combined with a high quality of manufacture make this instrument a must for framing.

Of course, the price is in proportion! LOGAN products are never cheap! You will have to count 220€ for a complete system supplied with two sliding knives, one at 45° the other at 90°.

Just a small video to appreciate the ease of use of this ruler.

Of course, quality comes at a price: you have to count between 100 and 150€ depending on where you decide to buy it... but this equipment is practically indestructible... and, eventually, it can be resold very well second-hand. It is therefore a sustainable and productive investment!

This cutting tool for opening bevels and cutting mats is used by amateur framers, by framing and photography clubs that share the same common equipment, as well as by professional workshops. This is a proof of the seriousness of the device!

For the worried ones, the Logan Compact CoupeMat Elite comes with 5 spare blades and a multilingual instruction manual is provided as well as a very explicit training DVD.

You can find it at WALMART for $155 and on the AMAZON website for less than $130.

If you want to get an idea, you can read this 8 pages manual HERE in pdf format.

I liked the technical explanations in this manual.

Other LOGAN Mat cutters

There are many models of mat cutters at LOGAN.

Rather than listing them here, which would be tedious, I prefer to give you HERE the link for all the models. The operation does not change depending on the model!