A method to record
a FLICKR image


You've spotted a picture on FlickR and you would like to save it on your PC... If this picture belongs to you, then it's easy... but if this picture is part of a protected album, how do you save this picture on FlickR?

Not always easy to get an image on FLICKR... unless it is on your personal account... There is an option proposed by FLICKR : "save an image"... but this saving is done in HTML and is only a link to the page which contains it !

If you have a software equivalent to snagit... you can make a screen copy... losing of course some definition...

The problem is to know how to recover an image, of the best possible definition and without loss of quality. What you will be able to do if you have its internet address !

Search for a FLICKR image

 Open FlickR and launch a search on the image you want to get... I typed "seaside" in the search box and the first related images appeared...

 I then chose and clicked on the second photo, the one where there are flowers behind the ganivelles... The picture is displayed... Do the same for yours.

 You will then click (right click) on the photo. The photo will be enlarged and, in the drop-down menu that appears, click on inspect... On the right side of the screen appears the "source code" of the html page...

 Look at the bottom of the source code... there are two FLICKR addresses: these are the addresses of the image you want to retrieve, one for the small photo in low definition, the other for the large photo in HD...

Here are the addresses just before the </body> tag:

Depending on your needs, double-click on one or the other and copy the selected area (Ctrl+C)

Recovery of the image

Close the inspection window and quit FlickR now!

In your browser, paste the address of the image you copied above and validate... Your image appears.

Now that it is in your browser, you can, to save it, click and hold to drag it to your desktop... and use it while respecting its copyright (here NoémieC. Photos).


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