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Mini-photo album 8-pages ...

8-page mini-album finishedIn  this previous page, you learned how to fold and cut an A4 sheet so that it becomes a 8 pages mini album...

You will now create the "grid" which, once filled with photos, wil give you, when it will be printed, a 8 pages photo mini-album as it appears on the photo.

Start your preferred image processing software ... For me it's photoshop ... but PhotoFiltre, PhotoImpact or PaintShop Pro ... are ideal!

If you do not want to build the grid ... you can download a ready to use one HERE

Grid Construction

Just a little math ... a A4 page measure 21x29, 7 and we will put 8 pictures on it ... Here's a quickly drew plan :

Map of the distribution of images

The margins are 0.5 cm between each photo (we could take 1cm!) and 1cm to the centerline ...

Each photo place must measure 9.5 cm in height and 6.8 cmwide ... This is not, unfortunately, standard proportions pictures ... We must therefore adapt them!

Method with PHOTOSHOP

To make simple manipulations, I chose to first create a pattern and then use that pattern to create the photo placement grid of the mini album ...

1) Creating the pattern

Start by creating a new image with dimensions of 9.5 cmwidth and height 6.8 cm.

Create thumbnail based

With the paint bucket, fill the image with any color (I chose Parma).

Now do: Image> Canvas Size and working in the window that opens do the following:

Setting the margins of the pattern


Click OK, the image reappears bordered on three sides by a border of white 5mm.

Pattern Thumbnail


And it is this image that you save as pattern making: Edit> Define Pattern.

Give a name for your pattern in the opening window (i typed "vignette") then submit.

Naming pattern

2) Making of the A4 grid

Now do: File> New to create a new picture in A4 format:

New image A4

Confirm by clicking OK ... Your new image appears. In the Layers window its name is Background.

Start by double clicking on Background in the Layers windowand in the window that opens, click OK. The layer of the A4 is now called Layer 0.

Now click the Paint Bucket tool. Then select the option: patternand choose your pattern "Vignette".

Choice of fill pattern

Now click with the Paint Bucket in your A4 picture ... It's magic! Your A4 sheet is filled with 8 "Thumbnails" correctly placed.

Image of the grid of thumbnails

It remains to hollow out the A4 ... removing these pretty Parma color "Vignette"!

Take the Magic Wand ...

Uncheck possibly in the top horizontal menu option Contiguous...

Click on a Parma "Vignette" : All "vignette" are now selected ...Press the delete key ... All Parma "vignette" disappear ...

white small rille

And you just above the grid ... ready to be filled with your photos ...

Save your work: I named mine GrillePhotoA4. Psd(Photoshop) for a future use.

Click on SUITE for access to the last part of 8 pages mini-album:

Placing photos