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It's not very difficult to make yourself your own fake magazine cover ... Some pictures, a good editor for these photos and a little care: these are the ingredients of a false cover VOICI or otherwise...

Faux magazine voici

Here is a a tutorial to make your fake magazine here : HOW TO MAKE A FAKE MAGAZINE!

If you run out of time ...

Then I can help you and make for you this fake magazine cover ... It's simple and fast!

1) You send me your photos by mail: HERE ... stating which magazine or journal you want to imitate ... In general you need 4 or 5 pictures for a busy page.

2) I realize the model you chose and send it to you.

3) If you agree, you make your payment (check, cash or better PAYPAL or more ...)

4) You receive your jpeg file, ready to print, upon receipt of your payment.

How much does it cost ?

Your contribution is modest ... US$ 10 for the page itself and $3 per photo. Thus, a typical page with 5 photos HERE cost you $ 25 (5x3 + 10).

How to use
your fake cover ?

The easiest way is to print it yourself in A4 or A3 format, but you can entrust the printing to a lab Photo (, Photoways, SnapFish ...) that provide excellent posters.

Others prefer printing on canvas: enjoy good coupon sites that offer it ... the site offers a 20x30 canvas ... € 5 and € 14 to 30x40! To you to enjoy!

commande fausse couverture voici