Born  in June 1945, just after the war, to Malestroit in Morbihan and after a few agitated years of student's life around 1968, Georges Duval devoted himself during 40 years to the teaching of mathematics. 

 He then could appreciate the elegance of certain curves but already its books of preparations were full with drafts do not owe anything with the theory the conical ones! 

It even sometimes happened to him to outline a sketch on an austere sheet of a pupil!

He's an autodidact who really started to paint, guided in 1985 by his intuition and by drawing the essential technique in the excellent works of José Luis Parramon. It was however well placed to know that practice training nothing equalizes the council of a Master.

Fifteen last years in the Pacific, in New Caledonia then in the island of Wallis, left in him the nostalgia of the vastness of the lagoons, the shimmer of the light in the hibiscuses and the rustle of the palms curved in the breath of the trade wind. What one finds in the fabrics that it brought back, largely inspired by this tropical period.

artiste_georgesLater, Christian, painter of talent, agreed to accompany it in his approach by figurative reconstruction. It showed him, with enormously patience, the methods and techniques which the books had not enabled him to acquire and brought a new sensitivity to him.

And now , it can, with leisures, to devote itself to painting, the veil, and, in the world, with the discovery journeys.Nothing astonishing doncque its fabrics very often turns around the ports, of the islands and their inhabitants!

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