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Minimum service of reception (November 21st, 2008)

Formerly, at the time of the strikes of teachers, the reception at the school or the college was not inevitably assured: so teachers not strikers were on the spot… they undertook the children present. If no teacher were present well… eh… the children were not accommodated… load with the parents to manage to make them keep!

Now, that changed! A law, known as SMA was voted, the published decrees on enforcement of a law, which organizes the guard of the children of the schools at the time of sick leave of the teaching personnel… the matter of this ticket is not to return in the polemic “good law, bad law”… I leave the care of this debate to the policies. But it does not prevent its implementation encounters certain difficulties, real or invented, so much and so that some municipalities (not always of right-hand side!) judge inapplicable and thus boycott it with each teaching strike… refusing to ensure in the schools a “minimum” service of reception!

It would seem that an acting fraction resulting from the PS and the PC, dissatisfied with what she regards as a limitation of the right to strike of the teachers, would have decided to pretext difficulty in recruiting auxiliaries of monitoring and practical organization of the reception not to apply the provisions of law SMA!

But what is what that wants to say? Then wouldn't the LAW apply same manner everywhere in France? Would the LAW be subjected to the appreciation of justiciable before its application??? For me too? I can roll to 140 on the road while issuing which I cannot adapt to the law which limits my speed? I imagine the head of the gendarmes to whom I would expose my point of view (and especially mine after their reaction!)

And in which country are we? Where each one can decide on what it can or must make without holding account only one second of the democratically laid down rules! Because we are nevertheless not in a dictatorship where only one imposes its law on the multitude: the SMA was indeed voted by an National Assembly regularly elected by the vote for all by a majority of citizens! Whereas mean these magnigances certain municipality?

To find of the qualified personnel to ensure the guard of the children under good conditions is not so insurmountable only that, although some want to make make us believe the opposite… unless to put much unwillingness at it! It would be enough for example to propose justifying remunerations to see, in these times of crisis, to appear many spontaneous candidatures!!!

The days of strike are not paid to the teachers… And why the sums thus saved on their wages would not be assigned to the expenses of the “occasional substitutes”… I count an average of 70€ per day/teacher striker… It that, would be always increased by a small exceptional bonus of 30€, to recruit of the motivated and qualified personnel! It would be enough that the State, honest, reverse the wages of the teachers strikers to the municipalities! And that would not cost anything more to the taxpayers!

How it is not said to me that it is impossible!!!

Misfortunes of Laure! (August 20th, 2008)

The tests of swimming of Olympic Games BEIJING 2008 proceeded without Laure MANAUDOU being able to approach, even by far, the best swimmers of the world… And yet, we all were certain to have with us a champion and had invested on it a good part of our hopes of medals… free so that the French federation of swimming leaves its last euros there. That recalled a little the episode Marie Jose PEREC to Sydney!

But which could seriously hope for a medal? Its trainer (4th in one year)? Selectors? The federation? Didn't one seek to mask the truth with an avid opinion of results?

As of the moment when Laure Manaudou left - with losses and crash its trainer Philippe LUCAS, its destiny was sealed. One could be certain continuation of the history: because the first places in championships which the swimmer accumulated were exclusively due to exeptionnelles natural provisions, certainly, but especially with a rigorous and continual work!

It is besides that which Laure did not support any more: the rigor and the professionalism of Philippe LUCAS. He spoke to him only about sweat and tears in exchange of more the world high level what she did not want to hear any more! And yet that functioned… And that made jealous the other trainers who criticized with all goes the look zarbi and the muscular methods of their fellow-member.

For running best, one invented besides later a lawsuit for breach of trust, forgery in writing and flight… of 5.000€ to him!!!

Which fly has thus piqué Laure MANAUDOU to brutally leave it at a year of the Olympic Games… The pauvrette… did she think with the top of the hard condition of the athlete of high-level… thought it which its escapades with Luca Marini (which were completed with the episode of the photographs flights) were as innocent as they had the air of it?

All the beautiful building patiamment built by Philippe LUCAS is crack, fissured then collapsed in a cloud of televised tears!

The proof is however made that one can train a high level swimmer perfectly. The receipt is known: innate capacities, an intesive work regular and, a great rigor in the application of the instructions CA GOES! But in France, one does not like the “old methods”… it is as for the training of the reading!

And if Laure plastered its pride badly placed and contacted LUCAS again? And if LUCAS plastered its pride badly placed and contacted Laure again? And if most malignant were that which would take the first step?

One would be then more trustful for LONDON 2012!

The arid desert of the figures! (July 5th, 2008)

The numbers… I know! I all the same made my career as teacher in mathemathic for nothing!!! And yet, the dryness and the ridiculous precision of certain statistics will always surprise me!

The art-Georges site has only 3 months of existence and yet we have just exceeded yesterday the course of the 5.000 visteurs! It is not me which say it: it is XITI! You know, the small red label located in bottom on the left of the menus…

XITI detects, arranges, enters all the visitors… and provides then statistics to the diabolic precision!

Thus, these 5055 visitors will have looked at 7,8 pages of the site by visit… each visit during 6 ' 30 ''… what gives an average of 0 ' 50 '' by page! Oh miracle! 7,8 pages!!!

The search engines (Google 1st, follow-up, rather far by Yahoo…) 1.853 visisteurs directed towards the site…

The 3 most frequent key expressions being: “to manufacture a framework”, “site of painter” followed by “framing a table”…

What to make of all these numbers? Of all these statistics?

Only one thing: to hurry to forget them and thank, of the bottom of the heart, all these anonymous visitors of the whole world!

A cancelled marriage! (May 29th, 2008)

One believes to dream! A judgment of the court of Lille cancelled a marriage with the reason that the wife, of Islamic religion like her husband, had lied on her virginity.

The lawyer of the husband justifies his action to resort to cancellation rather than with the divorce while asserting that the divorce rather sanctions a “failure with the obligations of the marriage”… whereas cancellation recognizes that a defect existed upon the departure and that never the marriage would not have taken place if the husband had been with the current of the “not virginity” of its promised in marriage!

But in what a country naps us thus so that judges could agree to judge such a business! It seems that all this is an private affair, relating to exclusively the private life of the woman and her husband! It appears that the judges could give in particularism (very with the mode in this moment) and consider that for a man of Moslem confession that justified cancellation.

And for a man without confession??

It is also to do well little case of the female condition in 2008 in France and to thus publicly repudiate its progress in our country. The man, it, can lie as long as he wants… since he there forever no trace! The woman, it, must be “intact” (if I had been able to put double quotation marks I would have done it) under penalty of being repudiated. Because it indeed seems to be official repudiation here!

And if the woman had tackled the first by saying that her husband had proven to be poor in love… and that if it had never known it would not have married it! Would the judges have given him reason?

This judgment will cause a polemic from which justice would have occurred well: its decisions are sometimes difficult to include/understand. The lawsuit of the teacher who slapped his pupil soon will take place… Let us wish how the judgment which will then be given goes this time in the good sense!

Teaching in France (March 14th, 2007).

I have just viewed the interview of Jean Paul Brighelli who presented to TéléMatin his new book: END OF RECRE! This work, which gives tracks for a recasting of the school, fact following the excellent one: MANUFACTURE CRETINS who described so well the current location of Education to the Frenchwoman.

The problem comes primarily from the general inspection which, towards and against all, continues since years its sabotage and of destruction of fragile balances of the School. Nothing finds thanks to its eyes: out of the vault, not of hello!

Let us take again for example the “alarming specter” of the training of the reading. Any judicious person is able, 25 years after, to draw the conclusions from the method known as Globale (and even of the attempts of the recovery of semi-total… only semi-total, it is already a whole program!).

Eh well, the year spent, when the Minister for Education asked the instits to return to the phonics method… what the parents asked since years… the raised shields was immediate. Certain inspectors (one could name them but we are not on Note2be…) prohibited their teachers from changing the least comma with their old practices and I attended with stupor and indignation with the difficulties encountered by my coldly entered grandson the CP which was to discriminate and read: hen, hen house and chick as of the first day of school!!!

Of course, it was left there… like almost all the others because his/her parents, as almost all the others helped it… but already, as of the CP, a handle of disadvantaged kids, not constant scolairement on their premises, ignored what they did not include/understand. In did they seriously suffer and they will be concerned some? They will feed perhaps later the chronicle of violence at the school, it in what they will be excusable!!!

Jean Paul Brighelli returns on the IUFM (training institutes of the Masters) which it compares with tumors, cankers of State education… and it does it with reason: of course, there still they are a few tens of general inspectors, cacic gauchists and limited, soixante-huitards convinced, which draws the strings and prevents any evolution which could call to be able to them in question! But in the interest of which???

It is high time of refonder the school on simple principles and of good sense. That one stops making us believe that the intellectual disorder associated with shovel-mixes with déstructurées knowledge support the education of the child!. There exists a French School of Education (it is intentionally that I put capital letters) which largely proved reliable in the past. The teachers were before any present to transmit an ordered knowledge and organized knowledge, and they did it well.

Not need to retrogress to apply old methods: the teachers of today would know perfectly how to make if one gave them the means of them and especially if they there were authorized.

That would undoubtedly make it possible to limit the damage which is only being accentuated and to limit to the maximum the various remédiations installation too late and to high expenses!

See on: http://bonnetdane.midiblogs.com/ (the blog of Jean Paul Brighelli)

The teacher who slapped his pupil… that returns! March 28th, 2008

Last bounce of this business, the court!
Whereas it was to plead “GUILTY” and to obtain a judgment without publicity, which would have arranged everyone (vice-chancellorship and parquet floor) the professor concerned changes opinion and takes this time a TRUE LAWSUIT, public and which will have the advantage of giving the problem in the middle of the school system. It risks, for worsened violences, up to 10 years of prison!

Of course, it was wrong to carry and slap the kid who had treated it of “stupid jerk” and other names of bird of the same order. Never I will give reason to an adult who, under the blow of anger passes to the act.
Nevertheless this kid was really badly raised and deserved another thing, like punishment that 3 days of exclusion of the establishment. It was of course with his/her parents to distribute the deserved snap! By pétant leads, the teacher did nothing but replace the parents in the education of the kid.

What this company which almost punishes a teacher as much as a terrorist? Who puts this same teacher as a police custody 48H (to get information to know the real conditions of a police custody!) how if it had made a horrible act, a crime!

 By complicate the life of Profs, this company will have the children whom it deserves: that starts with cramer already a little everywhere!

React ourselves and let us ask a little more good sense Justice or all at least those which are charged to return it?

See HERE some interesting reactions

The famous SMS Nicolas-Cecilia (March 20th, 2008)

Of two things one… Or the information given by Airy Routier, journalist in Nouvel Obs and concerning the disputed SMS “if you return I cancel all” is exact or it is false.

If it is exact, what a formidable violation of the private life that the disclosure of this SMS! How the revealing one is or not of a journalist, it fall immediately under the blow from the law! Indeed, since 1970, the French right estimates that the private life includes the family life and marital, the daily life in residence, the health condition of the person, her intimate life, in love, its friendly relations, its leisures like its burial and envisages penal sanctions and financial with titrte of repair.

If it is inaccurate, there are in an obvious way presentation of a forgery, use of forgery and concealment. in this case, the law provides that the offense of forgery is punished three years of imprisonment and 45.000 euros of fine to the maximum.

In both cases, Airy Routier fall under the blow from the law and deserves a sanction proportional to the gravity of the so much made offense the will to harm seems obvious. And even in the absence of complaint, since NR. Sarkozy withdrew it, the parquet floor can continue the indelicate journalist all the same.

This manner of apprehending the journalistic profession is hateful: with when true information?

The Marseillaise whistled at the stage! (October 16th, 2008)

Ah! Here a business which agitates much media spaces in this moment…

At the stage of France, at the time of a meeting of football FRANCE-TUNISIE, our national anthem copiously was hooted and whistled by Tunisian “supporters”. Our players were also the target of all the whistles and gibes of these same supporters throughout all match!

That becomes a practice… One remembers France-Algeria (the match had even been stopped following the invasion of the ground by spectators) then France-Morocco…

And yet, the organizers had done everything to try to avoid this kind of demonstration (it with what they prepared nevertheless…) while making interpret the Marseillaise by singer LAAM… while making ravel the players the hand in the hand… Nothing made there!

But which is thus these whistling? “Supporters” with the limited intelligence quotient as there are some there so much in this moment in the population of the stages? Or many young people of origin maghgrebine more and more badly at ease within our company?

One should not all confuse… those which whistled the Marseillaise (and decried our players throughout all match do not represent the Tunisian nation… And it would be stupid to rebound on this serious incident to fall down in ordinary racism.

The medium of football is thus made and, for a long time, primarily for financial reasons, its large persons in charge close the eyes and gradually let the silly thing invade the stages… until that becomes intolerable… like today. But it is not when the whole house is on fire which should be left the small sprinkler pipe!

And all this should open the eyes on our institutions, incompetents to us moreover, to integrate populations resulting from immigration: we are with the third generation… How much will it be necessary some so that all these whistling feels French?

Visit with the museum of the Art schools of QUIMPER. (June 3rd, 2008)

I was likely to recently visit the splendid museum of the Art schools of Quimper in company of an excellent guide and friend in the person of the painter Christian Labrousse. Its very complete knowledge of the history of art and its taste very on made this visit an enchantment. And that more especially as our visit coincided with a rather complete exposure of drawings of Matisse.

Enchantment yes, up to a certain point, since I had the surprise to discover, in the middle of fabrics of Masters, of recent “ineptitudes” contemporary artists. And when I announce ineptitudes, I largely moderate my thought which, it, would want to shout my indignation!

Thus vague graffiti on corrugated cardboard, of bad photocopies and others gribouillages on papers having already been useful at side of, with a few centimetres, the famous nativities or the impressionist landscapes of first order!

I thus immediately wrote an email which I have dispatched illico with Madam the conservative of the museum… to try to include/understand… and of which here content:

Madam the conservative,

I have just visited the museum of Quimper with much of pleasure! The collections ttare rich and varied: a true happiness to approach all these richnesses physically that you make us share.

Only flat with this pleasant discovered: the presence of recent works modern artists of which I do not understand the development.

Vague photocopies, smearings on box board (a nativity for example), rapids graffiti on paper of doubtful origin are presented beside authentic works.

There is certainly an intention behind this “provocation” but I could not seize it!

I remain very open to the innovation of modern creation: it is enough to understand it to accept it and appreciate it. In fact I did not understand the intention and I regret it.

I would have liked to ask you several questions:
1) What gains the museum of Quimper by exposing such works?
2) What do they bring to the perplexed visitor?
3) Are the authors of these works remunerated for their services? So yes on which budgets?

Will you have time to light me in a few words??
Well cordially  

Today, June 11th, 2008, I receive this email of Madam the conservative of the museum:

Dear Sir,

In answer to your message of May 19th, I am happy that your visit with the museum of the fine arts of Quimper gave you satisfaction, and afflicted of a misunderstanding due to a lack of information of our share.

Recent works to which you made allusion were the creations carried out by the first-year students of the school of the fine arts of Quimper, taking as a starting point the collections of the museum. It was a question of presenting, in particular at the time of the Night of the museums, a research task, of showing in what the collections of the museum can cause questioning and inspiration for a young student in Article.

For lack of time, we could not develop satisfactory information on this subject, except the evening of the Night of the museums, during which the students were porésents to explain their step. This operation allowed the bringing together between students of the school and visitors of the museum, and was assembled with “the means of the edge”, without particular budget.

These operations have as a finality to make live a cultural establishment by opening it with creation, the young public, confrontations of ideas and….with the debate. We will show ourselves more vigilant in the future as for the information given to the visitors.

I hope that these some explanations will enable you to see the thing under one day new…

Seen under this angle, the problem arises differently and the explanations given answer the put questions partly.

It does not prevent, and it is there a completely personal judgment, which here a quite poor research task on behalf of students at the school of Art schools: I would have liked to hear the explanations of the artistic step followed by these future young people artists!

But can one discuss art?

Billion spent to no purpose… (April 29th, 2008)

In these times of strike of high-school pupils and professors, undoubtedly it is good to point out some occulted truths…!

I am the State, it is you, it is US. And it matters that the money that we give him every year in the form of taxes and the every day in the form of taxes is employed advisedly and that any expenditure is evaluated through the results which it produced.

As regards State education, the money spent is not always synonymous with quality! It is not question of making the quantitative one here… but nevertheless! Where are anticipated progress? Where is the awaited success?

Never one spent as much for our education system and never the results were not also poor. Who is it necessary to blame? Teachers (never content, always claiming), the parents (very often exceeded and who can there nothing any more include/understand) or the State who recently size in the expenditure and counts better its under to the great displeasure trade unions IN?

It seems that the enormous crisis of confidence of the company in its education system is the leading cause of the noted failures and that the solution is not, once more, of perfuser considerable sums to the very ill patient which he is! The money will not arrange anything! Quite to the contrary! And will do nothing but reinforce the distrust of most of the parents in the school-service-public…

It is enough to look at elsewhere: in England for example where the educational policy of the worker government was confined of a “generation of readjusted” (the Point 4/24/2008). 87 billion euros of expenditure since 1997 to improve the level of the pupils was it to no purpose! The budget increased by 75%… and in 2007 never the results were not also bad!

Then we should not be told beautiful stories: academic success is before a a whole question of will. Will of the pupil to leave itself there, will of the teacher to transmit a knowledge. All the remainder is only excuses and pretenses. One can toujour mask a lack of convictions by pretexting a lack of means!

If manpower of the second cycle drop, it is LOGICAL to decrease the number of speakers: it is what all the countries do which surround us conscious that their expenditure cannot indefinitely increase with the liking of the trade-union claims.

It is thus time to say to the high-school pupils: “return in your classes! The Nation does not invest so that you ravel in procession!” .

It is time to say to the professors: “Return in your classes! The Nation invests so that you transmit knowledge!”

It is time to say to the trade unions: “Cease defending only yourselves with the detriment very often of your trade unionists!” But that, it is another history!

The oil price and of the gasoline (March 18th, 2007)

How to find itself there in the price of the gasoline?
Who grows rich unduly with our costs?

Quietly let us take again the trend of the price of the fuel in France:

In 2000, the barrel of petrol cost 60$. At the time, one exchanged 1$ against 1,2€.
A simple calculation shows that the barrel of petrol was worth: 72€. What gave the liter of gasoline to 1 €

In 2008, the barrel of petrol passed to 100$. And this time, 1$ are worth nothing any more but 0,65€.
The barrel of petrol is worth thus now 65€. And one pays the liter of gasoline 1,30€!


Price of the barrel in $

Price of the barrel in €

Price liter of gasoline in €









It is thus clear that the explanations of the large companies which justify the price of the liter of gasoline by the raising of prices of the barrel are misleading and untrue! And how the government which taxes with all goes the fuels is done largely accessory to these unjustified increases!

Just a small question: what will it occur when - and it is inevitable the exchange value of the dollar will go up compared to the euro…??? How will they explain the spectacular rises which will be followed from there? Guess!