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Hallelujah!!! A Photoshop book that indicates new or improved Photoshop features! 


Adobe Photoshop CS6
Class room in a book

With 14 lessons I was able to cover most of the book in two weeks, spending about 2 hours a day


Learning Photoshop
Complete Training

This Book Teaches You Complete Photoshop CS With Pictures And Practical Examples, Best For Learning A Professional Course.



The effect

A fun montage ... and which always pleases!
You become a TV news presenter or you attend a live game with Julien Lepers!
It's easy with Photoshop (or your favorite image editor...) to make such an arrangement ...



How to proceed...

Start together this step by step ... You need an image that represents a TV set and another to superimpose on the screen, plus a final which will serve to draw the "lines" on the TV screen (it's not HD!).

The fastest is to use the attached file that contains all the elements necessary ... including the file "stripe" that serve to weave your image ... You can DOWNLOAD ALL HERE.

To begin, you will build the pattern that will drag in your image ... For this, create a new image, only 2 pixels to 2 pixels on a transparent background.

With the Zoom tool by clicking a few times, magnify more and more the tiny image (3200 x!) And with the pencil tool color black paint out a strip of 2 pixels, leaving the others ...

Actuate now Edit> Define Pattern order to use it for dithering: call "Stripe"This new pattern.

Open the image to include in the TV ... and create a new layer above the layer of the image.

With the paint bucket tool Selected pattern Choose "Stripe". Then fill this layer with the striped pattern ...

When this new layer will be filled with pattern "scratch" ... dithering of the photo will appear. If you are too stressed by the stripes, adjust the opacity to 75% and merge the two layers. Leave the raster image yet ...

Open now the TV pic... and with the'Move tool, drag the Tv image on the striped image.

With the Move tool, move the image behind the screen to obtain a good frame (you're the director!).
Possibly change the size of your raster image so that it fills out the screen (Edit> Transform... by pressing the Shift key to maintain proportions).

When it suits you, delete everything around the >TV set with the eraser tool (not too harder ... but this step is for Photoshop beginners!).
Keep only the TV and the screen content.

You can now merge the layers ... you are on TV!