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Hallelujah!!! A Photoshop book that indicates new or improved Photoshop features! 


Adobe Photoshop CS6
Class room in a book

With 14 lessons I was able to cover most of the book in two weeks, spending about 2 hours a day


Learning Photoshop
Complete Training

This Book Teaches You Complete Photoshop CS With Pictures And Practical Examples, Best For Learning A Professional Course.



This technique of image in the image is very attractive in scrapbooking photo albums.

And not too complicated to implement (even the curl corner is easy if you follow the explanation).

Here are the before image and the final result as you get to the end of this step by step tutorial...

The sample was processed with PHOTOSHOP CC ... using its standard features ... It should be easy to implement it in Photofiltre or Paint Shop Pro if these apps are your favorite programs.



How to proceed

So choose a picture ... If you prefer to work with that above, you can DOWNLOAD HERE...

Go, it starts!

Open your image in Photoshop

Begin with Duplicate Layer (Layer> Duplicate Layer)...
Call this new layer Color.

Select this first layer. Using the rectangular selection tool, Select the portion of the image to highlight ... In anticipation of the outline framework, select a little larger than necessary.

You will now tilt slightly this selection by using Selection>Modify >Transform selection. Don't forget to validate when all is OK.

Gently Rotate the select as you want then copy the selection by CTRL+C,



And paste your selection in a new layer.


Add a stroke around this selection (Edit>Stroke)... 


Use now the pen tool to select a corner of the selection... First trace the path then by right clicking choose define a selection in the dropping menu/


Use Edit>transform>warp to curve the corner by dragging its angle...


When achieved, deselect and by clicking fx at the bottom of the Layers palette, add a dropping shadow to the layer...


Select the color image layer and adjust the brightness to highlight the upper photo.

Ii's done. Save your picture and put it into your scrapbooking page !