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It's an another way to vary the presentation of your images in Digital Scrapbooking ... It is easy to do if you know a Pellicule diapositives perspectivelittle PHOTOSHOP (or other similar image software)...

If you are a beginner or simply if you are in a hurry, you can download the ready to use empty film HERE...

In this step by step tutorial, you will first build the frame of the film strip to place your images in a second time. You will finish by adding the 3D film effect that wraps.

So? It begins?



Making of the film image

Start by creating a new image 40cm to 20cm fully transparent in 72 dpi.

Using the side rulers, draw a rectangular selection (rectangular selection tool) of 10cm to 40cm and fill this selection with black.

Sélection rectangulaire fond de pellicule

You will now draw the perforations of the film. For this, use the pencil tool and choose a 21 pixels white square brush.

Réglage du crayon pour les perforations

Then press F5 to reveal the forms menu, Click forms of art and set the gap to 200%:

Réglage du pas du crayon phptoshop

Create new layer and point the pencil in the top left where the perforation holes start. Click : your first hole appears. Press Shift key (Shift) and just point the pencil at the top right, where ending the perforations, click !. Your line of perforations is done.

If you're not happy with the result, go back with Ctrl + Z and repeat again.

Use Edit> Copy... then immediately Edit> Paste... a new layer is created that contains a copy of your holes.

With the Move tool, bring in the lowest position this new line of perforations ... Check they correspond to the upper perforations and merge with the lower layers.

Perforations achevées

You still have to "dig" the places for photos. With the rectangular selection tool, draw a rectangle that will host the first picture ... Press Delete to reveal the location. Click New Selection and with the mouse, move the first selection in the second location ... Press again Delete...

Second emplacement

And again for the last two sites (you can go faster by using the same technique as for the perforation holes ... If you are not a beginner do it!).

With the Magic Wand tool (W), uncheck any adjacent pixels and select the color white by clicking on one of the perforations. Now press Delete for digging holes.

For more resemblance, write with a suitable font and a light orange color some numbers like 12, 12A... and signatures of laboratory ... at your convenience.

Merge all layers and save your image in Photoshop format (. psd) or as a. png

Fin pellicule

Installation photos

In your processing images Editor, open your model of film ... Create a new image, and, in a new layer paste the images you want to include. Spread a layer of film over all images.

Resize each image (Ctrl + T with key Shift pressed to meet the proportions) and, layer by layer, drag the photos resized image in the film ... Merge and finally save format. psd or. png


Effect of film that wraps ...

Open your image in photoshop. Do Image> Canvas Size, check Relative and add 5cm in Height and wide(do not forget to )

Taille zone de travail

Do Now: Edit> Transform> Perspective and act on the handles to give an early effect:

Effet de perspective

You will now use Image> Rotate Canvas > 90 ° . Then apply Filter> Distort> Shear and give a curvature to wrap your ... Click on the line and pull to curve it.

When the settings are right for you ... Confirm by clicking OK ... Put the image in good position Image> Rotate Canvas Work> 90 ° .

In blending options Add a drop shade... and .... admire your work !!!!!!!