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How to make a "out of bonds" effect ?

Very often used in advertising, the effect of the character that goes out of the picture is quite spectacular. It gives the images which it is applied the illusion of a third dimension!

Only a problem...: it is necessary to use the Photoshop pen tool to isolate objects from their background ... and this frightens many novice designers so the handling of the pen tool seems complex.

Reassure them here ... it's worth a little effort (very small!) and learning, without being obvious, is proving very affordable! See here a simple method of outlining.


Step by step

For this step by step, I chose a photo of Chloe on her tricycle ... which seems to move faster than her! If you want to work with the same image, you can download it HERE .

Come on, we begin!

Start with File>Open the photo in Photoshop, name the photo layer : Background and click on the pen tool to start outlining then clipping path...

As you can see, only the lower part (front wheel and feet) are coming out of the white frame : no need clipping all the character!

Apply the method described HERE to get the clipping path and then the selection below. It's the coming out the photo part ...

route selection


Then a right click on the mouse... and choose make selection.

selection of the lower

1) Copy the selection
(Edit> Copy
or Ctrl + C)

2) Paste
the selection
(Edit> Paste
or Ctrl + V) :
A new layer appears.

3) Rename it: DOWN.

4) Then Deselect all
(Select> Deselect
or Ctrl + D).

5) Switch to the Background layer and draw a rectangle with the marquee tool that fits the part of the image that will be visible. Invert the selection and then press Delete. Here's what you get:

background suppression

Now merge the two layers and in the blending options, choose drop shadow you adjust to your liking, such as:

Setting the shadow

You can now save your image as .PNG to integrate it into your scrapbook page ...

Final Image 1    

or if you prefer, give it a background and save it as .jpg...

Final 2

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