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To create this "old letter", if you can't scan a real old letter, you will need an "old paper", and Photoshop "old graphics brushes"...

If you have no image of antique paper, you can find one here.

papier Vieilli


As for photoshop "Handwriting brushes" imitating an old writing ... you can download here.

Brushes handwriting


1 - Installation of brushes

For those who have trouble with the photoshop brushes, here's how to install them:

  • Download the file that contains these brushes and unzip.
  • You get a file: js_prettyScript whose extension is . abr
  • Place this file in the directory: Adobe Photoshop CS3 \ Presets \ Forms (it already contains files with extensions .abr).


Launch Photoshop and then Open the image of old paper : its measurements are 21cm on 31.

In the Tools menu, select brush tool then click as indicated:


Open forms menu :


Click on the file containing forms of handwriting:


And click Add



2 - Using brushes

Select form # 479 and give it a diameter of 570 pixels (to fit the dimensions of the paper). Possibly change the foreground color a dark brown.


Come now click 2 times on the aged paper to get 2 identical paragraphs of text to fill it almost completely.


Your "old letter" is completed ... Save to finish your image JPEG or PNG. You can print it or save for a photo montage...

We'll re-use it during final assembl, get that photo montage.



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