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If you do not have a "Old Photo", you can download here the photo-example


In photoshop, open a new image 30cmx30cm 72dpi format (to get an idea of the final dimensions) ... This page is your Digital Scrapbooking page!

Give it a solid background, preferably dark ... color does not matter since you will delete this at the end of the tutorial...

Open also the Old Photo.

Préparation page digiscrap


With the Move tool, Drag it on the new photo. This creates a new layer you can rename "picture".

To curve it and give an illusion of 3D perspective press Ctrl + T, The "handles" appear at the corners of the photo. Hold Ctrl key pressed and with the mouse, act individually on the handles for as on the photograph below.

When the result seems good, don't forget to validate !

Effet perspective sur image

You will now give the illusion of a picture a little distorted by time ...

Why choose Edit> Transform> Warp. A grid with "handles" appear on the photo.

With the mouse, point the lower edge of the photo and pull down : Photo curves. Maintain a slight asymmetry in playing with the inclination of tangents.

Similarly, point the upper edge of the photo and pull down (in a slightly less pronounced than the previous ... perspective obliges!).

When you are satisfied with the result, validate.

Effet photo courbée

You will now proceed to the drop shadow... which requires a little manipulation (the drop shadow from blending options do not give a realistic result).

With Magic Wand, click outside of the photo and do Select> Invert to select only the photo.

Keep this selection.

Create now a new layer you call "shadow" and place it under the photo layer.

création nouveau calque

Click on the shadow layer to select it. And, with the tool paint bucket Fill in with black the preserved Selection. Now, the shadow is hidden by the picture in the foreground ...

With the Move tool Click on the image and drag down the black shadow as on the picture.

ombre portée

The shape of this shadow is not very realistic... you'll rework it!

For that, in the layer named shadow, Choose Edit> Transform> warp. The grid with handles reappear on the shade.

You must now distort the shadow by reversing its curvature with the mouse ... as in the image below. Point with the mouse the lower edge of the shadow and pull up... Play with tangents for better curve. Validate.


Retournement courbure de l'ombre


Yet to resolve opacity shadow ... Turn it around 50%


Réglage de l'opacité


Choose Select> Deselect.

Then apply to shadow a Gaussian blur 10 pixels.

To do this, run Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur and put 10 pixels as radius.





The work on the picture is complete ... Delete the background layer and save the first picture format . PSP (photoshop) for any subsequent edits and format . PNG for use in final assembly.

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