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In this page, you are going to put on stage the different elements you've worked in the previous pages ...

1 - Putting on stage the old letter...


In Photoshop, Open the 3 images. You'll need: handwritten old sheet, old envelope and vintage transformed photo.

Eléments pour assemblage

Choose File> New and create a new image, size 30x30 cm with 72dpi and transparent background (or not to your liking).

In our lay-out, the letter will below, Covered by the envelope itself partially covered by the photo.



With the Move tool, first drag drag the letter ... that creates a new layer you call "letter."

You will now give a perspective effect using Ctrl + T. Then while holding down Ctrl, act individually with the mouse on the "handles" ... Do not forget to validate when it's finished..

Mise ne place lettre


In the blending options (fx), choose drop Shadow:

Options de fusion


and in the dialog that opens, set the distance to 2 and 5 the size. It's just to give some thickness to our sheet of paper.

Ombre portée

Confirm by clicking OK.

2 - Work on the envelope

It is now time to drag the enveloppe with the Move tool. This creates a new layer that you call "envelope".

Enveloppe placée

Still using Ctrl + T to show the "handles" and holding Ctrl key, act on each handle individually to give a perspective view.


perspective enveloppe

Do not worry if the elements do not seem to their finalplace ... They are all in separated layers so you can come back later and replace them individually if necessary.

3 - Setting up the photo

Finish by drag the vintage photo on the set. With Edit> Transform rotate your photo to give a move in the final image ... Rearrange the 3 elements until you are satisfied with the result ...

Photo glissée

It only remains to Drag an image on the background layer ... I chose a old waxed table photore whic inforces the idea of ancient times and I called this layer "wooden structure".

Etat des calques

You get the final result ...and you just have to add the journaling!

(Click to enlarge)

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