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The driftwood book

Driftwood book

This is the book for driftwood enthusiasts, or for the curious crafty soul. Many ideas on how to clean, polish, and assemble.


DriftWood Furniture :
Practical projects
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Driftwood furniture

An excellent furniture maker's guide





Patrick NICOL plasticianPatrick Nicol is an artist, a true one ... he invites you to travel in his world!

And he works with a little-known medium, almost confidential : driftwood.

These pieces of wood, he "picks" them along the beaches of the Golfe du Morbihan which, tide after tide, let him discover the treasures he amasses patiently in his studio.

Driftwood and wrecks wood attract his attention, either by their shape, their color, their appearance ... either by their experiences.

Wood from sea shore

All traces of a past time rich with promises for the future it holds.

And he gives them a second life, unexpected and always surprising them by they vibrating in original compositions.

driftwood artwork black semaphore
Black Semaphore by Patrick NICOL

From a memory, a meeting, an idea, a feeling or anything else, feel the urge to create.

driftwood artwork colors of Aven by Patrick Nicol 
Colors of Aven by Patrick NICOL

After a shorter or longer maturity, the composition of the future artwork appears suddenly as an evidence. It remains to choose the parts in its reserves which can achieve this "vision" ...

Visit Patrick Nicol on his website:

Sea Fortune

You will discover the diversity and the richness of his works ... past and present ...

But also in his exhibitions:

From 1 July to 31 August 2010, Gallery Art and Taste, port Dahouët, 22370, Pléneuf Val Andre.

From 18 to 29 August 2010 Moulin de Pen Castel, Arzon (56)

Permanently, Blue Sun Gallery, 29930 Pont-Aven and also Wood Workshop Gallery Beach, 29100, Douarnenez.


But how does he create these art-works particularly original? Patrick explains in detail the genesis of his work : GRAY on RED (du gris sur bâbord)


For this new work, I chose to implement a fine piece of bark with several shades of gray and rust streaks.

In order to maintain some strength and authenticity, I opt for a composition without frills. The bottom will be completely red.

So I search my reserves and retrieves pieces with shades of red I agree.

Small pieces of driftwood and wreck wood

I put up the first piece of the puzzle and the fix it on the back supportt (16mm plywood). The next step is to fill the remaining space at the same time in a rhythmical and harmonious way while avoiding wastage.

Step 2

This material (the wood from ship that sailed) is unique and increasingly difficult to get on our sea-shores.

puzzle with driftwood

After a long process of cutting and fitting, I almost covered the surface of the backing support in three areas with the pieces I've selected at the beginning.


Step 3

The puzzle pieces are beginning to take a good shape. I disassembled the bottom of the art work to enjoy the background animation .

Still one or two saw strokes to affirm some tension fields and the unit is setting up.

cutting and joining driftwood and wreck wood

There remains a subtle work of sanding each piece where I try to erase the look a bit "vulgar" of sawing without spoiling the authenticity of the material ...

Step 4

Before mounting the whole, I colorizes the support in areas where it may appear between two pieces.

painting puzzle pieces driftwood


Final Step

It's over.

The composition : I am somewhat surprised by its raw edge, even aggressive, but it's a good sign.

driftwood and wreck wood artwork achieved
Du gris sur Bâbord - Patrick NICOL

The original intention was to highlight the strong character of this gray piece by creating a contrast with the sumptuous red.

The contract is completed.

I prefer arts work which have character with too "licked" works whose only merit was to show the technicality of their creator.

It remains to find him a title ... This will be "Du gris sur bâbord" ("Bâbord" is an allusion to the color red for sailors).

I rarely give more explicit interpretation so that everyone could appropriate the work with its sensitivity.

This painting will be exhibited from 18 to 29 August 2010 at the tide mill Pen Castel Arzon (56).

driftwood artwork As time passes by patrick NICOL
As time passes - Patrick Nicol