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To learn how to outline in photoshop, you can search with Google about the keywords "photoshop outlining" or "pen tool". Many sites offer solutions, techniques and step by step.

If you find theses tutorials too complicated, here is, a simple method... very easy and improved.

Practice on this first simple example by downloading the image to work with HERE.

Open the image in Photoshop and select the Pen tool... taking the option Paths :

Outil Plume


Click a first point near a curve along the path to be done. Click a second point on the other side of the curve: do not drag the mouse ! For that click in order not to reveal tangents, you will be satisfied with a simple click.

Your first two points are connected by a segment within the drawing ... Do not worry, then you adapt ... The target is to draw a simple polygonal line which has its vertices on the object to be outlined.

Then continue the same way so as to close the path with the minimum number of points (here, 6 points only).

deux premiers points    

Now, take the Adding anchor tool () And click on the first segment middle (do not hold clicked). A new point appears, armed with its tangents.

Click again on it maintaining the click this time: You can drag the point ... and by moving it, adapt it to the curve. You can now adjust each individual tangents.

Do this for all segments. Finally, Right click on image and choose Make Selection. Your outlininging is finished! You can now copy inside the selection or, inverting, select the outside to remove it.


For this last image I invert selection then pressed Delete. In blending options, I added a shadow ..

Not too complicated anyway!

And if the object has a concave curved ... Exactly the same process! You must have 2 points that surround each of the curves, convex or concave.

You can download the new image and you lead.

The main steps of the exercise:

Objet à détourer   

Détourage premiers points   


For the rounded ends of the legs, you will need, always with the tool Adding anchors Adjust the tangents to the curve "better glue" to the object. Then perform a Right click and Make Selection.

 Sélection du tracé    Détourage fini

You see it's not too difficult! Good luck!