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Encyclopedia of scrapbooking
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Outstanding mini albums

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Butterfly Mini album thumbFollowing mini album Butterfly

All pages decorated will be visible on my blog, to get them by mail, just my contact me and I sent you the file.

Step 3. Mini-album Sleeve

Take the white paper cut in step 1. Make the folds as in the diagram below: 

White paper cut step 1

You can scallop (or tear or make any other form) on the side of 8cm (after scalloping = 7.5cm).

White paper folded

You have then to fold the bottom or staple it, or paste it (it will also add a strip of paper so that the staples or glue can not be seen after the fact).

white paper with staples

It is normal to have a small gap/blank (background) which will not be sawn after pasting the piece of paper on top.


You can put a small brad at the top to well make hold the structure (or paste the entire height below the swag. I have not had to do that, this is just good with a brad) and a clip on the middle that will not be sawn when the box will be decorated, in order to properly maintain it.

White paper held by a brad

Then you have to decorate it with paper and embellishments. To make a nice closure, do as follows:

Draw circles for the closure

Cut 3 rounds in different papers (or use different front back), no need to cut right round, the opposite!

The round cut before bonding

Using the blade of a scissor (or sandpaper) scrape the edges of the rounds in a very rude manner, they will bend a little, that's what makes the charm. Put them on each other.

End closure

With the Crop-a-dile punch a hole (with the large hole) in the center of the 3 rounds.

Drill a hole with the crop-a-dile

Take the eyelet and the cord supplied in the kit, pass the rope behind the eyelet, making 2 rounds ...

String wound around the eye

Place the eyelet in the round and flatten it with the Crop-a-dile (if you do not have Crop-a-dile, try another tool, but it is better to do only one turn with the cord so that everything takes time to flatten the eyelet with a hammer for example).

The closure on mounting eyelet

Then make a knot, loosely. DO NOT CUT ABOVE THE REST OF CORD, let it hang as an embellishment.

String final closing

When you've decorated the box (think of this embellishment before pasting!) made 1 or 2 turns with the rope, pass in the first round and tie a knot, then glue the round (or paste it first and go around and try to pass the string below, if possible.

Iil is difficult for me to properly explain this step (yet is very easy to do!). I've put the rounds on a 3D foam to give relief, and added some embellishments.

All details are on the mini blog (decoration). Thank you!

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