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There are not too many English books about homemade canvas art... Many of them are written in French language...

You can easily order these homemade canvas art books on by clicking on this link (Many photos and sketchs art ideas)


101 Projects
You Can Make at Home

Ros Badger

Expand your creativity!

Home Deco Step

Homemade contains over one hundred craft projects that require you to look no further than your very own home.


My Favorite Art Book:
I Love to Paint !

Jennifer Lipsey

Here's a book that is as attractive as it is useful

I love paint Jennifer Lipsey

Following introductory information about supplies, each spread, framed on bright-white pages, introduces a different technique, beginning with finger painting...


Abstract Painting :
Concepts Techniques

Vicky Perry

Learn abstract painting... very easily !

Abstract paintings

Vicky Perry shows you the abstract painting secrecies...


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Another view:

Image hosted by

Overview of the plaster work. 
Let dry as sand !

Image hosted by

After drying, some cracks more or less important can appear ....

Image hosted by

In this case, take the dough grained structure to plug "loopholes"! Neither seen nor known!

Image hosted by

Paint the white areas remaining on the canvas with a background color (here white accented with iridescent medium).

Continue on the coating.

Image hosted by

Then paint the corrugated with a dark acrylic paint (in my case, sienna mixed with black).

Image hosted by

diffuse the colors to the to create a smooth gradient to shade the whole. For this I used different shades of gray and silver to give a metallic effect and thus contemporary to the whole.

Image hosted by

Sketch with a pencil the three flowers and their stems and leaves.

Image hosted by

Tip: If you are not gifted, "scribble" your models on a separate sheet (you can erase and start over) and then using a piece of tape, attach the sheet upside down on the canvas and draw again the flowers seen by transparency with a grease pencil

Phase 1:

Image hosted by

Phase 2

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Do the same for the 3 flowers. Place now each flower in the right place, facing "fat" against the chassis, and draw with a pencil on each drawing that it is printed below. Voila!

And if you're really good at drawing, you can easily find on the net coloring of flowers for childs that you just need to resize and / or trace before applying the previous technique! 

Image hosted by

Paint each flower with a clear base coat (purple shaded by +++).

Image hosted by

Then work with each petal of the same color but darker gradually as one approaches the core or heart of the flower.

Image hosted by

Draw with a small brush end of the pistil poppy (purple supported) and spadix of the arum (green). Do not forget to shade the colors to give volume to the flowers. Highlight a few details with the pure iridescent medium.

Image hosted by

Do the same for leaves: apply a layer of clear acrylic paint. Do not forget to draw the tail of flowers!

Image hosted by

Work each sheet with different shades of green ...

Image hosted by

To decorate the base of the table, apply generously on the bottom of the coating of black sand. Let dry as sand !

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Cut out of foamboard thin 6 pieces of 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm (this size is modulated according to the size of your canvas). You can also use 6 small canvas boards. Cover them with paper towels (lime green towels here)

Image hosted by

After drying, draw geometric shapes with relief of the ring. Stick them on the frame (be careful if you use foam board, take a special glue).

Image hosted by


And voila, c'est fini! 

Just a layer of protective varnish to paint before hanging your homemade art on the wall!

I love lime green, black, gray, stainless steel, contemporary, which explains my choice of colors ....But this picture may be made in other colors to match your interior ....At your brushes!