The different methods and tools


When it comes to framing, the "package" is made up of the glass, the mat, the subject and the background cardboard, all of which are held together by a gummed kraft that seals it... Here is a diagram of the stacking of the "different layers" that form this package.

The package is composed of the protective glass, the passe partout, the bevel, the art and finally the cardboard background. These 5 elements are placed one on top of the other and made solid by a gummed kraft that makes the whole package!

The problem is then to set this package in the wooden frame, and, for that, various options are possible...

The traditional way

It consists in placing the package at the bottom of the frame's rabbet and fixing it there with small spikes driven into the frame.

These nails are placed horizontally, slightly at an angle, almost parallel to the package, held with the finger and driven in with the hammer that slides over the package... Go slowly, do not try to bury the point in the wood: it is quickly done to break the glass that is underneath...

Fix a nail every 20cm, it's enough to keep the package tight against the frame rabbet.

When you're done, cover these unsightly spikes with a gummed kraft that will complete your frame.

If you only have one or two frames to finish, this is the method you will choose.

LOGAN "Fitting tool F400"

Logan is an American brand known for the quality of its framing tools... Among these, the F400 fitting tool is a kind of very clever frame bottom stapler, able to fix your package in the frame with 4 different kinds of inserts: rigid (recommended), flexible, multi-point and ordinary glazier's tips... This is made possible thanks to a revolving cylinder that can receive these inserts indifferently...

A diagram is better than a long speech: below the F400 from LOGAN, its inserts and the way to use it!

Personally, I use it to place tips... it's perfect and, contrary to the consequences of the use of the hammer, I haven't broken any glass using this tool so far !!!


Find it on HERE


The frame stapler

This is the perfect tool for those who have a number of frames to finish! The work is efficient and fast since the frame bottom stapler has a large magazine of inserts.

Simply place the tool against the bottom board, bring it up to the rod, apply moderate pressure and activate the tool. The insert is then ideally placed.

You will have the choice between two models... the LOGAN F500 which remains rather expensive: quality is unfortunately expensive and the CHARNWOOD which seems to be the exact copy, strictly identical to the previous one... Have a look on this AMAZON page where you will find the available models... beware of third party sellers who multiply the prices by 2 !!!

the LOGAN F500 stapler

It is a tool of excellent quality with a trouble-free operation... You will find it especially at Amazon at a price that I personally find high, about 70 US$

The operation of the tool is obvious and does not require any training...

 Find it on AMAZON.COM !

The CHARNWOOD stapler

You will find it on AMAZON under the reference "Picture Frame Assembly Tab Gun".

It seems to be strictly identical to the previous one, except for the color!

But its price is 1/3 of the price of the LOGAN: about 42€. This can be an interesting and determining argument... It is also on sale on AMAZON under the reference : Picture Frame Assembly Tab Gun


I do not know the quality of this "picture frame tab gun assembly"... nor its flexibility.


The HM 515 stapler

It's still pretty much the same stapler as the Logan Dual Elite... The HM 515 is an almost exact copy for 55€ ! Of course, it's much cheaper than the LOGAN and still performs the same function.


It's up to you to know if you want to try it: look at the buyers' reviews on AMAZON before buying. This is the right thing to do because this site publishes all the user reports without purging the unfavorable opinions if there are any... transparency and honesty !


In conclusion

That's it... we've gone through the different ways to fix your package in the stick... Depending on the number of frames you want to make, you have a choice...

An individual will certainly prefer the traditional method, hammer and spikes...

For a club, the LOGAN fitting tool will certainly be enough !

As for the pros, they all have a LOGAN stapler to go fast !!!