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African Canvas: The Art of West African Women
Margaret Courtney-Clark

African canvas art home deco

Margaret Coutney documents the bold geometric and symbolic wall paintings made by women in remote West African villages. These women transform objects from their daily world--a fish net, a cooking pot, a weaving, a calabash--into rippling patterns laden with cosmic significance.

A gold mine for creative ideas ! (Expensive ! Buy it used... from $26)


Artful Spaces: DIY Wall Art for the Home
Gerard Smith

ArtFul spaces : how to DIY wall art for home

Looking for quick, creative ways to add art to the spaces in your hom e? You'll find them here.Artful Spaces gives you just what you want - art projects that actually look good and take hardly any time at all. And the best part: There's no experience needed...

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Abstract Painting :
Concepts Techniques

Vicky Perry

Learn abstract painting... very easily !

Abstract paintings

Vicky Perry shows you the abstract painting secrecies...

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Step 9 - Detail of a modeling paste effect :

Here is the application with the painting knife of this famous paste in a stencil key set…
One realizes perhaps more with the photograph!


Step 10 - Creation of a stencil key set:

Here is the creation of one of the stencil key sets being used to make the great patterns for the table.
The tiling is the ideal place to cut quietly because it do not scratch !

Easy way creation of stencil key sets:
Use lino, or old radios because they are reusable (contrary to paper which tears and is not cleaned).



Step 11 - Application of modeling paste:

A mix of 3D paintings give an effectvery sympathetic, the colors mix and have a brilliant effect.
All that is done with the knife


Step 12 - Here the result:

After having removed the stencil key set


Step 13 - The central reason:

Painting coloured sands , stencil key set… and pale green acrylic painting



Step 14 - 2 mini frames:

Painting of the 2 mini frames in pale green using small foams brushes .


Step 15 - Déco of the mini frame to painting 3D:

I drew a heart with 3D-painting and a spiral by a show of hands.



Step 16 - The back of the decoration:

Here the pallet of the colors to show you an outline of the mixtures…



Step 17 - The table under development:

The ironing board is not badly to have an idea of the final representation.

It is true, more you work on large sizes, more it is difficult to be projected because the fabrics should permanently be laid out the ones beside the others


Step 18 - Application of the gold sheet:

It is initially necessary to apply the adhesive to the brush and to let it dry a few minutes.

When it is almost dry, press a gold sheet with the fingers, well crush so that gold applies correctly and raise the transfer.


Step 19 - The result:

Once the transfert gold sheet is removed


Step 20 - End result:

I think of not having forgotten anything of all the Steps of the realization of this table tryptic.
It any more but does not remain to hang it and contemplate!