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This is a very attractive book, both to look at and to handle, and the amount of information packed into it is amazing...


The New Power
of face Reading


Alert: anyone who is dating, hiring employees, or needs to know more about people in any capacity: this is the book for you! 

The Wisdom
of Your Face
(Old Chinese
Face Reading)

Wisdom of your face

How to “read” people’s inner natures... This book proves that you never stop learning...or discovering what you don't know.

The Psychology of Facial Expression (Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction)

Psychology of facial expression

The Psychology of Facial Expression is aimed at students, researchers, interested in the emotive and communicative uses of facial expression


What the Face Reveals: Basic and Applied Studies of Spontaneous Expression Using the Facial Action Coding System 

What the face reveals

... our understanding of the relationship between facial expression and human psychology...

Discovering your inner character : Modern physiognomy

Facial Asymmetry
and "character" ...

All the "goodbooks about Facial-psychology" will tell you : the beauty of a face prefigures its "inner beauty" and is mainly due to its symmetry and the fulfillment of certain proportions (distance between the eyes, width of the face .. .).

Eh you, you believe that ??? Thank goodness, the beauty of a face is not only dependent on a "formula" ... Everything is in another's eyes ... Because no face is perfectly symmetrical!

In fact, from its inception, after a month of existence, the left and right sides of the fetus develop independently of each other ... respecting more or less the strict notion of symmetry ...

This development, which then continues after birth, contributing to fix what is the physical aspect of the person ...his charm and, consequently, his personality!

Julian Wolkenstein created a technique to capture the asymmetry of the face ... Watch his way to get the right and left faces ... and this is what you will imitate in this page.

Here is a very cute blonde ... Perfectly symmetrical??? What do you think about that? Do you have a global vision of that person or can you see in this picture the two women hided in?


Face blonde

At the center, the initial portrait ... and, on each side, portraits obtained by juxtaposing two right parts and two left parts ...


Blonde asymmetric


Not disturbing? A facial-psychology specialist could tell you that the picture has a right portrait quite disturbing ... fortunately tempered by what shows on the left portrait !!!


The perfect face ...

British TV channel ITV in 2012 launched the perfect face contest ! Huge success, more than 8000 participants ...

The proportions of the face and especially his symmetry were the key elements of this contest. Florence COLGATE (such a name can not be invented!) was the lucky winner! See HERE an article about this subject and HERE how to size up a face.


Florence Colgate


So let us have a more closely look at this perfect face ... And pass it to the mill Photoshop ...

Florence Colgate left and right

Florence is beautiful! Very beautiful! But we can not say that her left and right sides of his face are exactly the same!

Face and personality

Both half-faces (left side, right side) give information of our internal duality, our quest for balance and our evolution.

The facial-psychology (but is it an exact science??) tells us that the right side of face match with characteristics transmitted by heredity, innate .... It would reflect, among other things, the expression and integration of the personality in the world of others (society, professions etc.).

Mirror face left face right face

While the left side of the face rather translate a cultural experience ... the acquired characteristics. Corresponding to the right hemisphere of the brain, it would reflect the sensitivity, self-esteem, the ability to understand how you work yourself.

The left side would be facing his sensitive and deep inner while the right side is more facing out, the visible part of the personality.

But it is not the purpose of this page! We want here to learn Julian Wolkenstein how to get the right and left faces. If you are interested, you can find on the net for any further according to your wishes ...

How to get the left and right faces ?

1. You start with a portrait strictly from the front taken ... that you open in your favorite photo editor ... For me it's Photoshop.

Robert de Niro 1

2. With the rectangular marquee, you copy the right side of the face (be attentive to be accurate with the lips)...

3. Paste two times this right side in a new image ... Then you return one of these copies (using flip horizontal command).

Robert de Niro 2

4. Drag the copy to one another ... to the junction. You now have the right face ...

5. Repeat with the initial portrait ... and this time select the left side.

Robert de Niro 3

6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 ... left until you get the left face ...

7. It only remains to assemble the initial portrait and two new portraits of the same image ... possibly adding margins ...

8. Complete becoming morpho-psychologist ... Reviewing and interpreting the results ... describing the character of the person concerned ... and WITHOUT ERROR PLEASE! lol

Try using YOUR OWN portrait?

Do you have a symmetrical face?

Take a picture of you... front of a neutral background! Also adopting a neutral attitude (some smiles lack of symmetry !).

In this regard, it is always better to take a portrait with a zoomrather to have the camera closer to the person you photograph : a picture taken too closer significantly distorts the face ( big nose and small ears syndrome) while the zoom equalizes and softens lines by better matching with reality (just do a test close and far and then you will be astonished !).

Then determine your Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde parts by comparing your LEFT and RIGHT portraits ...

Better Get print your 3 portraits on canvas ... Some sites offer prints at very low price ...

Drawing portraits on canvas right ett left

And rather than put all together on a single canvas, why not make 3 separate portraits on canvas 20x20 then expose them in juxtaposition: the site (not ad!) offers canvas 20x20 for only € 7... excellent deal!

If you do not know how to do...

You've never used Photoshop ... You can take a look at this TUTORIAL, it explains in detail how to do...

Or, if you are permanently resistant to image editors ... Send me your photo by mail , I'll do the work for you against a small contribution of US$ 4.99!

We will send your separated and grouped portraits (4 separate images) ... but I don'tt care to do the morpho-psycho analyze !

De Niro result

And so? Want to discover your dark side???

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